Social network websites. To be or not to be?

There are many social network websites on the Internet and so many posts about them in the blogosphere. Too many? One of the bloggers says that there’s too much noise coming from social media:

…I don’t have time to sift through thousands of Tweets and Friendfeed messages and blog posts and emails and IMs a day to find the five things that I really need to know…So where is the startup that is going to be my information filter?

Scott Karp argues that it’s not an output, but an input problem:

How do you reduce noise on the web? Simple. Produce less content. […] is shoveling as much content as possible onto the web really the best way to create enduring value?

Andy Beal disagrees with them and says:

Here we have a discipline problem. Just because a new blog is created, a social network launched, or conversation platform released, that doesn’t mean you have to dive in and sign on.

This discussion seems pointless to me. I agree with the last blogger. People choose where they want to sign on, they can easily delete their profiles in various websites, they do not have to check those social network websites every day. If talking about the blogs, let’s give a chance to talk to everyone. And let’s decide who we are going to listen to. It is the same as to choose between bike or bus; wine or juice etc.

To be or not to be? Let’s not try to answer to this rhetorical question. Everyone can post on the Internet – that is a fact. Too much of everything for you? You do not have to try and know everything! Just use your favourite websites and know where to find relevant information. That is it. And first of all, learn to manage your time (try this). It should help if you automatically check your e-mail or Facebook too often during a day and then you are angry that it takes too much of your time.

For those brave people who like to socialize very much I can suggest a list for the beginning with ONLY 50 links of blogging, microblogging, social bookmarking, social news sites, social networks, video platforms. I am sure that you will find much more if you want. Good luck.


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